October 2012

posted 23 Nov 2012, 12:24 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Committee Meeting – 25th October 2012


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Val Johnston

                        Chris Mee

                        Roger Mee

                        Gill Morrell

                        Janet O’Connor

                        Irene Pope

                        Gill Ridings

                        Joan Snowdon


Apologies:       Gwen Mann


1.    Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were passed following two amendments GM to post onto website.        GM

2.    Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

3.    Secretary’s Report

One new member this month, Norden area.

4.    Social

October – Open Forum

November – Cheese & Wine at Naylors 7.00 pm onwards.  Also open to the public due to staffing the larger store.  Discount given only with membership card.  BB to make Members’ Enclosure sign and bring joining forms for possible recruitment of new members on the night.

December – Christmas Dinner

January - AGM

5.    Rochdale Rights of Way

No update from sub-contractors on track from waterboard at Red Lumb.
No update on grids at Red Lumb.
The surface on Splash Lane has been reported to the council.
The gate at Black Dads which is tied up with string and very heavy needs reporting to the Council.
Roods Lane.  GR has had meeting with Council, evidence forms have been submitted.
Wolstenholme Lane – in 1967 there was a bridleway sign at the bottom.

6.    Bury Rights of Way

- Dunham.  Is now complete.  Send photos to LEF people.
IP to organise celebration ride and invite two riders from each livery yard in Birtle area, along with ramblers, cyclists, etc.

The ditch on the drains has been dug out and resurfaced.

Elbut Lane.  IP sent email in support of resurfacing.

Bridleway 37 Lowes Park has been reported to Bury Council.  David Chadwick is going to take a look at it.

7.    Treasurer’s Report

£600 received from Council for Nabbs Wife work.  The Halifax are stopping holding charity accounts, Gill to move it to Barclays. 

8.    Website report

No Report

9.    Forum Meeting - October

Roger to start with update on general matters.
Proposed committee for next year
Meeting start time
25 year anniversary celebration
Trec – suitable date
Ideas for talks

10.  Next Meeting – 22nd November 2012.