November 2012

posted 17 Jan 2013, 14:08 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Committee Meeting – 22nd November 2012


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Val Johnston

                        Chris Mee

                        Roger Mee

                        Gill Morrell

                        Janet O’Connor

                        Irene Pope

                        Gill Ridings



Apologies:       Gwen Mann

                        Joan Snowdon


Copy:              Pat Tough


1.    Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were passed.  GM to post onto website.  GM

2.    Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

3.    Secretary’s Report

One new member this month,

The calendars are printed, BB brought a copy of information.  It was agreed to take to Naylors on Monday and charge £4.50.

4.    Treasurer’s Report

£522 up this year.  £6, 650 in the bank.  £1500 going out to pay for Dunham.  The Halifax account has been closed and funds moved to Barclays pro-tem.

5.    Website  

154 visits, with quite a few international.  Average visit 2.5 minutes.

6.    Social

November – Cheese & Wine at Naylors 7.00 pm onwards.
BB             - Cheese/Crackers
GM                        - Wine
VJ/IP         - Cheese/pineapple sticks
CM                        - Philly crackers
GM                        - Xmas cake

December – Xmas dinner.  Cut off for booking and paying Monday night.

7.    Rochdale Rights of Way

No update.

Evidence for Roods Lane submitted.

8.    Bury Rights of Way

- Dunham Celebration Ride.  11 riders took part on Saturday, 2 turned up on Sunday!!! There were representatives from mountain bikers and ramblers.  A rep from Northern Horse attended.  Report sent to Bury Times and should be sent to Rochdale Observer.  There is a slight problem with the handle on the top gate.  IP asked if we could provide some kind of edging for Mr Tyrer’s lawn.  This was agreed.                                                                                           IP.

BB to order signs for publicity and shutting the gate.  IP to send.            IP
A volunteer is needed to put on.

Nothing can be done on Elbut Lane until the problem with water is resolved..

IP reported that Nigel Sowerbutts had said that quad bikes are going down to the river at Nabs Wife and had asked if some large rocks could be put in to stop them.  It was agreed that this should not be done as its too narrow and steep.

9.    Open Forum Meeting

BB issued the notes from the open forum meeting.  Everyone thought it had been a good meeting. 

10.  AGM

BB to send last year’s agenda to Roger                                                   BB

11.  Suggestions for Next Year’s Social

Quiz, Naylors, Xmas Dinner, 2 open forums, Huntsman, Bitting Expert, Horse Physio, Equisage, Police, Horse Holiday, BHS.

It was suggested that we buy a screen as the screwed up sheet we put up doesn’t look too good.

12.  Any Other Business

Events for 2013, Le Trec, Gymkhana, Treasurer Hunt.  GR agreed to do the treasure hunt.

Next Meeting – 17th January 2013.