January 2012

posted 22 Mar 2012, 15:57 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Committee Meeting – 19th January 2012


Present:           Barbara Brown

                        Val Johnston

                        Chris Mee

                        Roger Mee

                        Gill Morrell

                        Irene Pope

Gill Ridings

Joan Snowdon


Apologies:       Gwen Mann

                        Janet O’Connor


1.    Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were passed GM to post onto website.    GM

2.    Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report other than Heap Road.  It was agreed to charge £5 for a new key if old key was not returned.

3.    Treasurer’s Report

Gill produced detailed accounts which will be presented at the AGM.

4.    Website report

Gill had produced a list of things on the website and asked what could be deleted.

5.    AGM

Things to talk about at the AGM.

Working parties not particularly well attended but a job well done.
Change date to 6th February due to Pack Horse being closed.
Provide sandwiches
Achievements – Woodtop, river crossing, Furbarn Lane
Newsletters, only being sent by e-mail
Creating new role of membership secretary – C Mee to fill he position.
Election of officers

An agenda was put together for the meeting.  A form for nominations for committee members to be sent out with newsletter to be returned before the meeting.                                              BB

6.     Bury ROW

Trees on Harwood Fields fell in high winds, some are not looking too safe.
BURY ROW meeting is on 25th January.  IP and VJ will attend.
Birtle Trust – Quarry for sale, 3 bids, one paintballing, waste energy company and Gypsies.

The Woodland Trust has 420 saplings and want ideas on where to plant them.
£4,500 has been awarded to us from Lancashire Environment Fund which is a 75% contribution, the rest needs to be funded by us.  Money raised last summer and the donation from Paul France cover this.
An appeal has been put in for the windmills , IP to send letter to the Planning Inspectorate.
The drains are becoming badly waterlogged, looks like something is blocked.  IP to get a quote from contractor while they are at Dunham.

7.     Rochdale ROW

GM has bought new locks/keys for concessionaries and is meeting United Utililities to give them new key.  She will ask about the Ashworth concessionary.

The path at the waterboard at Red Lumb has been closed and should be finished in the next two weeks.

Grids at Red Lumb causing problems.  Ring 0845 2261800 to complain about ROW issues.

Joan mentioned that next year was the 25 year anniversary of the association and we should think of some way of celebrating it.

8.     Any Other Business

Gill Smith has given Gill M some leaflets advertising her arena, in return they will let us have free use of the arena for any events.  Maybe a hoedown to celebrate the anniversary?

Superhorse competition – Robinsons not suitable, possibly Rochdale Riding Club.

Le Trec

Irene is planning a ride in Derbyshire during the Access week in May.

Next Meeting  - Thursday 16th Feb. 8.00 pm at Chris & Roger’s.