October 2011

posted 22 Nov 2011, 13:27 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Committee Meeting – 20th October 2011


Present:            Barbara Brown

                        Val Johnston

                        Gwen Mann

                        Chris Mee

                        Roger Mee

                        Gill Morrell

                        Irene Pope




Copy                Gill Ridings

Joan Snowdon



1.      Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were passed.  GM to post onto website.      GM

2.      Matters Arising

No matters arising.

3.      Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report. – see Heap Road further on.

4.      Treasurer’s Report

Gill had a year to date balance sheet & profit & loss.  We have £6429.77 in the bank.

5.      Website report

147 visits this month, average 5 minutes duration.
65% were  new visitors and we continue to have lots of international hits.
5 USA, 2 Ireland, 1 Greece, 1 Pakistan, 1 Barbados.

Latest news and classifieds are most popular pages.

6.      Social Calendar

The fashion show last monthg was excellent.

28th November -  Naylors Shopping Evening (cheese & wine).
3rd December – Christmas Meal at the Pack Horse (15 people paid to date)

Suggestions for next year included:

Vet – David Adlington



Retraining racehorses

Hunt Kennels visit


7.       Rochdale ROW

A letter objecting to the proposed cuts in the ROW department has been sent and an acknowledgement received.

Gwen advised of potential problems on bridleway at Red Lumb, one resident is having work done and the contractor thought he could just close the path.  David Brennan is aware.

Overtown Lane which goes across from Red Lumb past the waterboard is to be closed for 6 months some time in the near future.

A discussion took place about Heap Road upgrade going to public inquiry.  BB to contact Chris Peat and ask her to attend next committee meeting to give us some advice on the way forward.

8.       Bury ROW

A bridge at Prettywood is coming to the end of its life – can cost of replacing be justified?

IP has submitted our application for a grant, we should hear December/January if we have been successful.

Chicken Farm – No progress and no further work can be done as he runs the business in a safe manner.

9.       Norden Forum

No forum meeting has been held since the last meeting.

10.   Ward Funds

Gill advised that there is money available from ward funds, suggested projects were Splash Lane gates and the river crossing near Paperhouse bridge.

11.   Ride

Gwen suggested a Hot Chocolate Ride on bank holiday Tuesday, 27th December, Meet 11.00 am on School Lane – Waterloo/Woodtop.  Fancy Dress optional.

12.   Any Other Business

Roger advised Clare & Joanne wanted keys.  No keys available on the night of meeting.

Tia Dawson of United Utilities has arranged installation of new gate on the one that was broken at Ashworth.  New lock has been put on.

IP suggested two possible rides – Pennine bridleway in Derbyshire and the North Lancs Bridleway in the Trough of Bowland.

 Date of Next Meeting

17th November at The Mee’s residence.