March 2011

posted 30 Apr 2011, 01:38 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Present:            Barbara Brown

Val Johnston

                        Chris Mee

                        Roger Mee

                        Gill Morrell

                        Janet O’Connor

                        Irene Pope

                        Graham Smith



Copy                Gwen Mann

Gill Ridings

Joan Snowdon


1.      Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were passed.  GM to post onto website.

2.      Flyer

BB to create a flyer and pass copy to GS with some membership forms.

RM/CM to visit yards and distribute flyer to try to get some new members.

3.      Treasurer’s Report

£522.27 membership, £16.50 from last month’s raffle, interest £4.27,

4.      Website report

Day after meeting – 14 hits, average 12 hits daily.
158 hits last month, 21 on classified, 16 on social calendar, 16 latest news.
Forum is available, committee to test.

5.      Rochdale ROW

The gate behind Lea Holme is going to be moved.  The landowner had also agreed to move the gate at Edenfield Road back slightly.

Roger raised an issue on Woodtop where the path is wearing away due to heavy rainfall.  He will speak to Karen Whittle to get her approval to do a working party on here.

Roger is also going to speak to Ann Metcalfe regarding the funding from the Township Fund.                                                                     RM

6.      Social Calendar

Members from Wardle Bridleways are going to join us at our March meeting.

Baileys Feeds are presenting at April Meeting

Chris Peat is attending in June

Tabletop sale at Waterloo in May - £5 per table.

Possible photo show in July.

Someone from Holcombe Hunt in October – Janet still waiting for contact information from GR.

August is quiz night – maximum 4 per team entry £1 per person.

7.      Press Reports

Roger had managed to get a report in the Observer following the last meeting.  He is also meeting with someone who attends Norden Forum about horse poo and how we can help.                                                                      RM

8.      Bury ROW

Irene reported that her comments on working parties at the last ROW meeting had been misinterpreted in the minutes.

The planning application for wind turbines in Birtle had been refused but an appeal is expected.

Dunham – Irene has got another quote following concern about no drains being put in.  This has put the cost up to £5500.

Graham Smith attended the meeting to advise of where funding is available from the banks.  He said that Barclays would probably fund the purchase of tools to do a path clearance or tree lopping.  He suggested we contact the Co-op as they are based in Rochdale and have a community fund.  BB to contact Martyn Wates (Chief Executive at the Co-op to see how we go about trying to get some of this money).                                                                                   BB

Irene advised that she had filled in a form for the BHS accident survey for Castle Hill Road being slippy at the chicken farm.  The council have said they won’t do anything for one person but if there is evidence that more people have a problem there is a chance of them looking at it.  Irene will prepare a form to put in livery yards in Birtle to try to get a petition together.                                  IP

9.      Treasure Hunt

Irene has prepared a treasure hunt for 24th July.  Rosettes to 4th Place.  BB will be a steward.

10.  Le Trec

Irene has been looking at the possibility of holding a Le Trec competition in August.  A sub-committee was formed which will meet at Chris’s on 7th April at 8.00 pm to discuss venue and feasibility.  Irene will chair

11.  Any Other Business

GS raised the condition of the path adjacent to Marshalls Quarry at Nangreaves.  BB to write and ask if they could help with the removal of some of the large stones which are making the path difficult to ride.                                   BB

Working parties

2 Wednesday of the month.

May      -       Woodtop
June      -       Nabs Wife
July      -      Broadoak

12.  Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 14th April at Chris & Roger’s