July 2011

Present:            Barbara Brown

                        Chris Mee (part)

                        Roger Mee

                        Gill Morrell

                        Janet O’Connor

                        Irene Pope

                        Gill Ridings

                        Joan Snowdon


Copy                Gwen Mann

                        Val Johnston


1.      Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were passed.  GM to post onto website. 

2.      Secretary’s Report

Heap Road notices have finally been posted.  Gill Morrell advised one resident concerned about barriers being removed.  GM to send details to BB so that a letter can be sent to reassure the resident the barriers are staying.      GM/BB

Also, the part of the path down near Meadowcroft Mills which is a footpath is in the final stages of being upgraded to bridleway.

There was a discussion about keys and replacing them.  It was decided to change the keys on the concessionaries in December so that members can come and exchange at the AGM.  No new key until they bring the old one back.

3.      Treasurer’s Report

The £500 from the council should now be in the bank.  We have an excess of £400 this year.  £100 VAT paid on Woodtop improvements.  £5,700 in bank.
£78 raised by raffles so far this year.

4.      Website report

210 visits, average 3.2 pages per visit.  Le Trec had had 35 hits, Treasure Hunt 29 hits.  Loads of international 5 USA, 5 Malaysia, 1 Kuala Lumper, 4 Brazil, 2 Portugal, 2 Russia, 2 Isle of Man, 2 France, 1 Holland and 1 Switzerland.

5.      Rochdale ROW

Blackpits Chimney, notice that path could be closed between July and December, however, work has not yet started.

6.      Social Calendar
All sorted for the rest of this year.

22nd August - Quiz
31st October – Holcombe Hunt (Martin ? who is joint master next year).
28th November -  Naylors Shopping Evening

7.      Press Reports

Will be in Observer as soon as there is some free space.

8.      Bury ROW

Another horse has fallen on the chicken farm road where Irene had her accident.  The council and BHS Accident website have been informed.  Irene has spoken with the ROW Officer at Bury and the problem has been passed on to the landowner for a solution.  Chis Peat advises to write to council and threaten to sue as they have a duty of care to maintain safety for riders.  A strip of safe surface down the side of the road is an option.  An alternative route around the back of the farm has also been identified as a possible solution.   IP to contact David Chadwick to arrange a meeting.                               IP

IP has walked Dunham with Tony Lund from Rossendale Council, no complaint has been logged.  Now officially logged.  He advised of the Lancashire Environmental Fund as a possible source of a grant towards the work.  IP to progress.                                                                     IP

9.      Ride

Next ride to Watergrove.  BB to contact Mel Baron from Wardle Bridleways to see if they would be interested in meeting up with us.             BB

10.  Treasure Hunt

5 entries so far, 1 from Birtle and the others from Norden.  BB to send out reminder email.                                                                    BB

11.  Le Trec

3 entries
Litter bins needed.                                                     GM
Need to identify a holding area.
Need to put some adverts out.

12.  Any Other Business

Roger to arrange a meeting with Martin Newnham re Woodhouse Lane.      RM
No further action on problem with Rochdale Harriers.
GM to get Rochdale Council to send cemetery consultation documents to BB.
IP to follow up contact with Birtle Trust.

13.  Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday, 18th August at Chris & Roger’s.