February 2011

posted 23 Mar 2011, 13:10 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Committee Meeting – 17th February 2011


Present:          Barbara Brown

                        Chris Mee

                        Roger Mee

                        Gill Morrell

                        Janet O’Connor

                        Joan Snowdon


Apologies      Val Johnston

                        Gwen Mann

                        Irene Pope


Copy               Gill Ridings



1.      Feedback on AGM

Feeling was that it was a good meeting, well attended and we got lots of new members.

2.      Membership Report

We currently have 46 members.

3.      Treasurer’s Report

This year we have so far collected £423 less the 50/50 money.

4.      Website Report

Average time for uk is 1 minute 30 per page.
476 page views.
8 hours on website
People in Oxford/Birmingham have been viewing.

5.      Press Reports

Roger had written a report for the Observer which everyone agreed was very good.  He will do another one after the next meeting.

6.      Rochdale Rights of Way

Lea Holme – the gate had been removed during January and is now back on.  It is to be relocated in the not too distant future.  Joan/Gwen have asked if they can be present when the council do the work so that they can give advice on the positioning of the gate.

Roger to contact Gill Ridings re the £500 from the Township fund to pay for chippings behind Lea Holme.

7.      Bury Rights of Way

As Irene couldn’t attend the meeting she had forwarded details of the Bury ROW meeting which is below.

They are losing 1 ROW officer and the other one will be part time.   The budget is dropping from £100,000 this year to £25,000-£50,000 next year. They asked us what we would like this to be spent on.  They spend £10,000 a year clearing vegetation so Irene advised them of our working parties.

Irene was given a copy of Bury definitive map which will be useful.

Bridleway 36 that we cleared last summer is to be looked at by the council this year.  It is in a bad state, 3 inches of water or mud at the moment.

Irene asked that a bridleway sign be put at the traffic lights at Fairfield Hospital to try and make people aware that there is a bridleway there. She saw a horse there recently prancing about waiting for the red lights to change.

GM Ramblers have £73,000 to offer to repair etc ROW. Money donated to them in wills etc and they feel they should get rid of it as they have changed their charitable status.

Dunham - Tim Martin who contracts for Lancashire sent in an estimate for Dunham. £2,500. Irene has e-mailed a Mountain Bike Group and Rossendale Ramblers (I thought they might have some money too) about chipping in some money and they both said they would get back to me after they have had meetings.  Everyone thought we should go ahead with the work as we hadn’t received any objections.  Joan asked if there was drainage work being carried out as part of this quote as if not it would probably get washed away pretty quickly.  Barbara to feed back to Irene.

Turbines - Val and Irene went to Rochdale Planning Office a couple of weeks ago and saw the file. I had seen all the information on the internet but did manage to get our letter on the internet as well. They had in file the BHS guidelines which they must have got from the BHS website.

8.      .Social Calendar

Janet has struggled to get firm dates from everyone on her list but Alan will do the February meeting and we have towing booked for March.  We need contact details for some of the other people.  Janet will follow up so we can try and get some laminated signs ready.
Treasure Hunt - Gill M and Irene booked the Packhorse Conservatory provisionally for a Treasure Hunt on 25th July from 12 noon. Irene has worked out a route to start and finish at the Packhorse sending teams off at 15 minute intervals. Gill and Irene thought we could give out the prizes at the meeting next day. Unfortunately that day is Bolton Show but if we want to precede our meeting we are always going to have that problem  Everyone thought the stuff Irene sent through was brilliant and that we should go ahead as planned.  Gill told us of someone who can do rosettes at a very reasonable price (they do them for the Mary Towneley Loop.  Website for these is www.redroserosettes.co.uk.

9.      Livery Yard List

Roger asked Barbara if she still had the list of livery yards produced a couple of year’s ago.  BB to send to Roger so that he can go out and visit some of them.

10. PR

It was felt that we should attend a couple of Rochdale Shows this year and also have a presence in the Norden Carnival.

11. 2011 Aims/Projects

Working parties to be held on 2nd Wednesday in the month (one per month).

Fund raising

Rides – four seasonal rides throughout the year.

12. Any Other Business

Gill to put the Treasure Hunt poster on website.

Graham Smith (member) works for Barclays and they will donate money to causes if the people involved will wear Barclays Tee Shirts while carrying out the work.

Quarry ride near Rossendale School.  Can Marshalls be contacted to see if they can clear some of the huge stones making it difficult to pass along the route.

There is a wall down coming up from Meadowcroft Mills (just before the yapping dog!).

Next Meeting

Thursday, 17th March at 8.00 pm at Chris & Roger’s.