August 2011

posted 8 Nov 2011, 11:46 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Committee Meeting – 18th August 2011


Present:            Barbara Brown

                        Gwen Mann

                        Chris Mee

                        Roger Mee

                        Gill Morrell

                        Janet O’Connor

                        Irene Pope

                        Gill Ridings



Copy                Joan Snowdon

                        Val Johnston


1.      Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were passed.  GM to post onto website.

2.      Matters Arising


3.      Secretary’s Report

BB had received an email from Julie Simpson to tell us that ROW dept were going to look at putting horse handles on gates on Shawfield Stones and also look at the last gate that leads to the housing estate as its really difficult to open/close.

BB advised that she had had a call from the Observer about a resident complaining about the proposed upgrade to Heap Road but it would appear he has only complained to the paper and not the council.

4.      Treasurer’s Report

No report due to time constraints but we had income of £71.50 from the Treasure Hunt, £17.00 from the Photo Show, £75 new members subscriptions and £5 from the sale of a key.

5.      Website report

212 visits, 4 USA, 1 Brazil, 1 India, 1 Ireland, 1 New Zealand.  Main pages viewed were Home, Le Trec – 34, Ashworth Concessionary – 24, DIY Liveries – 25.

6.      Social Calendar

22nd August – Quiz £1 including raffle ticket.  JO’C to get chocolates for winners.
26th September – Fashion Show.  We need to push as Naylors are putting a lot of effort into it.  £2 entry.

31st October – Holcombe Hunt (Martin ? who is joint master next year).
28th November -  Naylors Shopping Evening
3rd December – Christmas Meal.  Roger to speak with landlady at Pack Horse.

7.      Rochdale ROW

Nothing happening yet at Blackpits Chimney but closure notices are up

The river crossing steps are collapsing.  Roger to speak to Clive Haughton about doing some work on them.                                              RM

8.      Bury ROW

No alternative route will be made available at the chicken farm.

9.      Press Report

Was in the Observer last week.

10.  Ride

Proposed date 24th or 25th September – to Watergrove.

11.  Working Party

JO’C cleared path behind Whittaker Moss.
Golf course paths very overgrown.

12.  Any Other Business

Everyone thanked Irene for doing a great job with the Treasure Hunt.

No further action on the Rochdale Harriers issue.

Greenbooth needs some policing.  GR advised of someone she knows with a key who isn’t a member.  Keys to be changed December/January.  Keys only issued on return of old key.

Irene has a form to claim a grant which needs completing before 3rd October.  This will be done at the next committee meeting.

13.  Le Trec

A big discussion about Le Trec took place.  Irene took the notes.

14.  Date of Next Meeting

Thursday, 15th September at Chris & Roger’s.