April 2011

posted 13 May 2011, 13:59 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

Present:            Barbara Brown (Part Time)

Val Johnston

                        Chris Mee

                        Roger Mee

                        Gill Morrell (GAM)

                        Janet O’Connor

                        Irene Pope

                        Joan Snowdon

                        Gwen Mann (GM)



Copy                Gill Ridings



1.      Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were passed.  GAM to post onto website.

2.      Treasurer’s Report

Not much change since last month, few more memberships. Need to purchase additional vests for new members.,

3.      Website report

Continue to have regular hits. Peaks occur just before meetings. Need to push people to contribute at the main meeting as so far no one has submitted any contributions.

4.      Working Party

1st Working Party will be 11th May at Woodtop. Parking to be on School Lane Meeting at 7pm. Need to take Tools and Equipment for cutting back vegetation / saplings. RM to speak with C.Haughton to let him know work is going ahead.

5.      Other path issues

GM informed the meeting that there was an issue near the reservoir around Greenbooth where walkers had placed stepping stones in the gully and a tree trunk had been left causing water retention and potential issues. GM to let people know of a date when we can go and remove the stones and trunk.

RM informed the committee that he had been in touch with Township regarding the money set aside by Ann Metcalf. They have not received any forms as of yet but the money has been set aside. New forms to be sent to RM. Meeting concluded that the £500 should be put towards repairing the erosion on Woodtop. RM to speak with C.Haughton to get a quote.

6.      Rochdale ROW

Gate behind Lea Holme is still not been moved.  GM/JS to chase J.Simpson re progress.

7.      Social Calendar

June ride to be organised. Will be published on website. Suggestion was round Watergrove reservoir. No leader yet been identified for the ride.

Trec Competition will be on 29th August (Bank Holiday Monday). Next meeting of sub group will be on 26th April 6.30pm at Robinson’s to walk the field. Rosettes to have Sponsored by Robinson Equestrian Centre Tel 07973 916 004 on the tails.

8.      Bury ROW

Nothing to Report

9.      Diary Dates

12th May Committee Meeting (Chris & Rogers 8pm)
23rd May Main Meeting
8th June Working Party Nabbs Wife

16th June Committee Meeting (Chris & Rogers 8pm)
23rd June next Trec Sub Committee Meeting (Chris & Rogers 8pm)
27th June June Main Meeting

10.  Any Other Business

Date of next Committee Meeting 12th May at Chris & Rogers