June 2010

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Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Lynne Cramb (part)

                                Gwen Mann

                                Roger Mee

                                Gill Morrell (Part)

                                Bev O’Connor

                                Janet O’Connor

                                Irene Pope

                                Joan Snowdon


Apologies were received from Chris Mee and Gill Ridings.



The minutes of the previous meeting were passed as read.


1.       Matters Arising

Barbara advised that she had received an email from Ann Metcalfe asking how we were going with evidence for Furbarn Lane.  It was agreed that as this is down to a problem with ramblers the group felt that it doesn’t need changing to bridleway status.  One suggestion would be to put stepping stones down the edge of the puddles.  BB to email Ann Metcalfe.

2.       Secretary’s Report

We had gained two new members at the last meeting.

BB had an article published in the Lancashire BHS magazine if anyone wanted to read it.

3.       Rights of Way Meetings

Nothing to report from Rochdale.

Irene advised that the Bury meetings had been resurrected.  Jean Merchant attended as Irene was on holiday.  Irene had asked for the boggy path in Lowes Park to be looked at, the trees near the motorway bridge to be chopped down and an alternative route around the chicken farm.  The ROW Officer was in favour of this last issue.

The issue about riders being challenged about riding down a path in Buckhurst was raised.  Irene stated that this is not a bridleway, however, everyone does ride it.  It was agreed to advise the people who had the problem that it wasn’t a bridleway but let us know if they have any more problems and Irene will speak with the landowner to see what’s going on.                                                               IP

4.       Lea Holme

Gwen/Joan advised that the route is now passable.  There is an issue with a proposed fence which would make shutting the gate behind Lea Holme very difficult.  Irene Peat has taken up the matter with the council on our behalf.  There is also a problem with visibility at the Edenfield Road gate, this is going  to be raised with James Gaunt to see if the gate can be moved back slightly or left open when not in use.

5.       Greenbooth

Following on from email sent at beginning of June about riders over Greenbooth the problem which had occurred was discussed.  No-one at the meeting actually knew who the offenders were but they had left the gate between Mr Tunnicliffe’s land and the catchment area open.  He witnessed it and reported it to Ann Metcalfe who then got in touch with Gill Ridings.

Everyone present felt that the matter should have been dealt with by the Committee and that as the member had breached at least three rules should really have had their key taken off them.  Even so, everyone felt that they should receive a warning letter.

As no-one had got back to Mr Tunnicliffe it was agreed that we sent a letter of apology to him.           BB

It was also agreed that Barbara should write to all our councillors and Jim Dobbin and ask that if they have any issues regarding horses in the village that they contact the Secretary direct so that the matters can be brought to the committee meeting for discussion.                                                           BB

A suggestion put forward was to put some signs at either end of the concession which states that all gates should be left as they are found, ie. If they are open leave them open and if they are closed the MUST be closed.

6.       Treasurer’s Report

Gill provided a copy of up-to-date accounts.

7.       Any Other Business

·         Norden Forum

Roger said that there is £9,000 to spend from Forum funds.  It was agreed to ask if we could have a contribution for handles on the gates at Lea Holme.

·         Tack Auction

As Pete Spence has said that we could use his ménage for any events in return for the adverts on our website it was suggested that we have the tack auction at the end of September there instead of The Pack Horse.  BB to email Gill

·         Reports

Gill asked if someone would do a report on the recent ride around Cowm and the path clearance near the Golf Links.  BB to write them.

·         Path Clearance

The next path clearance is 7th July at Lowes Park.  Meet at Irene’s (101 Mather Road) at 7.30 pm.

·         Idea for Future Meeting

Irene suggested getting Craig Darcy to come and dissect a hoof and also show us how to safely remove a shoe.  Irene is going to ask if he will do this.

8.       Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is 21st July at 8.00 pm at Chris & Roger’