January 2011

posted 19 Feb 2011, 02:01 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association



Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Val Johnston

                                Gwen Mann

                                Roger Mee

                                Chris Mee

                                Gill Morrell

                                Irene Pope

                                Gill Ridings

                                Joan Snowdon


Apologies:                Janet O’Connor



The minutes of the previous meeting were passed as read.


1.       Matters Arising

Norden Township Money –
A discussion took place about how to spend the money from Ann Metcalfe.  The small gate at Nabs Wife needs replacing – is it Norden? Chippings at the back of Lea Holme and re-siting of the gate was felt to be a good idea.                                                                       GR

2.       Rights of Way Meeting - Rochdale

Gwen read a statement from the meeting re lack of a portfolio holder. 

Problems at Lea Holme had been raised.  The BHS rep had advised us to leave the gate open if anyone is in danger.  Something needs to be put in writing to the council about the gate between Lea Holme and Coal Pit Lane as it is unacceptable and dangerous.                                                            GM/BB

A point in the report talked about the downgrading of a path in Heywood.  GR to call in at Doctor Fold Farm to make sure that they are aware of it.                                                           GR

3.       Bury Rights of Way

An objection was raised on behalf of RBBA to the wind turbines being planned near the chicken farm.  Gill Morrell to post the letter on to the website.                                                          GMorrell

Irene had met Clive Haughton about Dunham which was waterlogged.  He had suggested 200 metres of crushed brick/road planings but it would need drains.  However, the contractor has to be on Lancashire’s authorised list so Irene was planning to meet with one of them in the near future.                            IP

Gill and Chris to visit Birtle yards to talk about contributing to funding of Dunham.                GR/CM

The surface on the Drains is washing away, there is now a channel up the middle.

4.       AGM

Points for AGM on 31st January:

·         New committee elections

·         Overview of achievements

·         Treasurer’s Report        Gill M

·         Website Report        Gill M

·         Social calendar        Janet

·         Gill – retiring as Chairman, Roger – new Chairman, Gwen – new Vice Chairman

·         Irene – windmills

·         Irene – Dunham

·         Family membership – price increase to £15.00

·         50/50 Draw in April

5.       Any Other Business

BB to send Ben an alphabetical list of members.
Instead of having monthly raffles, entry fee of £1 which includes a raffle ticket.  Whatever money is collected split between winner and RBBA funds.

There are rumblings about Ding Quarry going on.. we need to keep our ears open.

Well done Gill & team for raising £1,060 on Mary Townley Loop ride.



Next Meeting


The next meeting is on 17th February 2010 at Chris & Roger’s – 8.00 pm start.