January 2010

posted 15 Feb 2010, 22:36 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association   [ updated 15 Feb 2010, 22:40 ]




Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Lynne Cramb (Part)

                                Gwen Mann

                                Chris Mee

                                Roger Mee

                                Gill Morrell

                                Janet O’Connor

                                Gill Ridings


Apologies:                Irene Pope

                                Bev O’Connor


1.       Social Calendar

Janet gave details of this year’s planned social events, she also requested contact details for some of the people who she hadn’t managed to contact.  Details as follows:-

January        AGM
February        Julie Rolls (Animal Communicator)
March        Penny Ridley (Riding & Road Safety)
April        Peter Duggan (Saddler)
May                        Bev Beresford (Show Judge) – G Ridings to let Janet have phone number.        GR
June        Horsewatch – Gill Ridings to let Janet have phone number.                         GR
July         Chris Peat (Pennine Bridleway) – Gwen to confirm with Chris                              GM
August        Quiz Night – Gwen to prepare                                                             GM
Sept        Tack Auction (silent)
October        Tony Dampier
November        Shopping Night at Naylors
December        Waggon at Birtle – 11th December 2010

In addition to the above it was suggested that we organise a trip to Happa and have a summer BBQ if Karen Whittle will let us have it there again.

2.       AGM

The following points are to be raised at the AGM.

a.       All subs should be paid by end February.  Anyone who hasn’t paid by then to be contacted to return their concessionary key.

b.       Family membership to be increased to £15 next year.

c.        It is a condition of membership that all members have third party insurance.  BHS Gold Membership includes this.

d.       As no nominations for additional committee members had been received the current committee will continue for 2010.

3.       50/50 Draw

The next 50/50 draw will take place in April.  Anyone who had already paid will be carried forward.


4.       River Crossing

Gill M advised that Nigel would chop down the tree blocking the river crossing for the price of a new chain on his chain saw.  Everyone agreed.  Roger will help.

5.       Charity for 2010

Suggestions for who we should raise some funds for this year were Happa, Mark Davies Injured Riders, Air Ambulance.  Not sure if a decision was made on this but I think Happa was favourite.

6.       Township Funds

GR advised that Ann Metcalfe was donating £250 from her township funds for us to use to improve a bridleway.  It was agreed to get Robert Naylor to look at the path next to the Golf Club where its very muddy under the trees.  Gwen to speak to Robert to get a price for the work.               GM

7.       Lea Holme

There was no update at the time of the meeting, however, we had good news a couple of days later.

8.       New Initiatives

Ideas put forward for this year were

a.       Riding & Road Safety Test.  We agreed to subsidise under 18’s in full time education by paying for their exam.

b.       GR asked if there were any clinics we could host?

c.        Le Trec

d.       Stand at Rochdale Show which was very successful last year.

9.       Website

It was agreed that Gill M and Irene pursue their contacts regarding updating and future development of the website in view of the situation we just had when it wasn’t available and also the timeframe to get up-to-date information on it.  Gill to speak to Irene.                                                                      GM/IP