February 2010

posted 18 Mar 2010, 11:09 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association




Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Chris Mee

                                Roger Mee

                                Gill Morrell

                                Janet O’Connor

                                Irene Pope

                                Gill Ridings


Apologies:                Gwen Mann


Janet advised that Bev was no longer going to come to committee meetings, however, she is willing to help out wherever she can.

1.       Website

Gill M has been developing a new website, so that we can control it and get it updated quickly.  She needs to contact Clive to get the RBBA.ORG.UK name moved over.  Everyone agreed that this was the waty we should go.                                                                                                                     GM

2.       Boxing Day Ride

The ride which was canned on Boxing Day will now take place on Easter Sunday.  Meeting at Terminus, pickup along the way.  Same route.  BB to send out details in next newsletter.  Bibs to be worn.

3.       Objectives for 2010

There is a problem with SMA on Blackpits Road which has recently been put down. 

BB to get map references from Julie Simpson and prepare evidence forms for completion at the next meeting for the path behind the Redrow development and also the path down the side of the now closed bird sanctuary in view of the uncertainty of what will happen there.

Irene reported that there was a problem over Fletcher Bank Quarry and is going to find out more details of path status etc.

The gate needs sorting out over Ashworth Res so we can get that route opened as early as possible this year.                                                                                                                       GMann

Gwen to follow up quote for Golf Links path with Rob Naylor                                    GMann

4.       Horse Poo in Village

We need a PR initiative to move poo in the village after this was raised at the Norden Forum meeting.  Signs to be taken around livery yards.

5.       Riding & Road Safety

Gill has 4 names for this.

6.       Sign on Woodtop

It was agreed that we need to have a sign at the other end of Woodtop and also maybe another one mid-way along.  Gill R to contact Joan to see if we can use the other wooden sign that we have.

7.       Next Meeting

The next meeting is on 18th March at Chris & Roger’s house at 8.00 pm.