April 2010

posted 24 May 2010, 14:34 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association



Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Lynne Cramb

                                Gwen Mann

                                Chris Mee

                                Roger Mee

                                Gill Morrell

                                Irene Pope

                                Gill Ridings (Part)


Apologies:             Janet O’Connor



Roger opened the meeting at 8.15 pm and in the absence of Gill took the Chair.


1.       Treasurer’s Report

Outgoings this month £235 to pay Rob Naylor for improving the Golf Link path.

Irene asked if the £1000 which Paul France donated for the Drains could be used to improve Scotland Lane near Dunham’s Farm.  This was agreed as it was meant for that area.  Gwen to arrange for Rob Naylor to meet with Irene.                                                                                                                      GM

We have approximately £5000 in the bank but interest is considerably lower this year because of the interest rate.

2.       Secretary’s Report

BB to let Gwen have a list of people who haven’t renewed but who have keys to the concessionary.   BB

BB to contact S Smith regarding his query about qualifying for a concessionary key.                            BB

Membership is running at about 60 members.

3.       Ashworth Concessionary

Work is needed on the stream crossing.  Nigel Morrell has volunteered to clear a pathway to the stream.  GM/JS to arrange to meet with Nigel                                                                               GM/JS

A route walk arranged for 3rd May at 11.00 am which should take approximately 1 hour.

4.       ROW Report

Gwen had attended the Rochdale Rights of Way meeting in April and gave a brief summary from the meeting.

Lea Holme.  A bit of the wall has been removed.  GM and JS have ridden but couldn’t get through as gate locked.  There is still a sign up saying No Horses.  At Edenfield Road end trees have been lopped.  We agreed that we should pay for a proper horse gate.  Mr Leach has been given 1 month to open the bridleway.

Cars have been parked on the lane down to Nabs Wife on Birtle side near the barrier.

We should have questions ready and put in to the council in advance of the ROW meeting so that a response can be given on the night.  Next meeting is 19th July.                                    All

IP advised that Bury no longer have a ROW forum but David Chadwick is the ROW officer.

5.       Website

Gill gave out statistics of usage of the website.

122 visits between March 22nd and April 21st.
560 pages viewed
5 minutes average visit.
57 different visitors
35 hits on boxing day video.

We owe Clive £17.36 – everyone agreed we should pay this.

Everyone agreed that Gill has done a great job on the website.

Following a discussion it was agreed that anything that could be considered contentious needs to be agreed before being published on the website.

It was agreed that the concessionary routes should be published on the website.

6.       Any Other Business

·         Nigel Morrell is now Norden Forum Chairman.  We can put in a bid for ward funding.

·         We agreed to do a letter of support to put in a tiger trap/kissing gate on the path down the side of the bird sanctuary in an effort to stop bikers getting down there.        BB

·         There has been a major push about trials bikes.  5 bikes have been crushed as well as a 4x4 quad bike.  A letter of support to PCSOs.                                  BB

·         Riding & Road Safety

First lesson is on Thursday 6th May at Gill’s.

·         Social Calendar

Janet needed contact details for the Horsewatch person.                  GR to provide to JOC

·         GM raised concern about the standard of raffle prizes and felt that they should be better.  We agreed that every other meeting will have a raffle prize of £20.

7.       Next Meeting

The next meeting is 19th May at Chris & Roger’s house at 8.00 pm.


The meeting closed at 10.30 pm.