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2010 Committee Meeting Minutes

January 2011

posted 19 Feb 2011, 02:01 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association



Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Val Johnston

                                Gwen Mann

                                Roger Mee

                                Chris Mee

                                Gill Morrell

                                Irene Pope

                                Gill Ridings

                                Joan Snowdon


Apologies:                Janet O’Connor



The minutes of the previous meeting were passed as read.


1.       Matters Arising

Norden Township Money –
A discussion took place about how to spend the money from Ann Metcalfe.  The small gate at Nabs Wife needs replacing – is it Norden? Chippings at the back of Lea Holme and re-siting of the gate was felt to be a good idea.                                                                       GR

2.       Rights of Way Meeting - Rochdale

Gwen read a statement from the meeting re lack of a portfolio holder. 

Problems at Lea Holme had been raised.  The BHS rep had advised us to leave the gate open if anyone is in danger.  Something needs to be put in writing to the council about the gate between Lea Holme and Coal Pit Lane as it is unacceptable and dangerous.                                                            GM/BB

A point in the report talked about the downgrading of a path in Heywood.  GR to call in at Doctor Fold Farm to make sure that they are aware of it.                                                           GR

3.       Bury Rights of Way

An objection was raised on behalf of RBBA to the wind turbines being planned near the chicken farm.  Gill Morrell to post the letter on to the website.                                                          GMorrell

Irene had met Clive Haughton about Dunham which was waterlogged.  He had suggested 200 metres of crushed brick/road planings but it would need drains.  However, the contractor has to be on Lancashire’s authorised list so Irene was planning to meet with one of them in the near future.                            IP

Gill and Chris to visit Birtle yards to talk about contributing to funding of Dunham.                GR/CM

The surface on the Drains is washing away, there is now a channel up the middle.

4.       AGM

Points for AGM on 31st January:

·         New committee elections

·         Overview of achievements

·         Treasurer’s Report        Gill M

·         Website Report        Gill M

·         Social calendar        Janet

·         Gill – retiring as Chairman, Roger – new Chairman, Gwen – new Vice Chairman

·         Irene – windmills

·         Irene – Dunham

·         Family membership – price increase to £15.00

·         50/50 Draw in April

5.       Any Other Business

BB to send Ben an alphabetical list of members.
Instead of having monthly raffles, entry fee of £1 which includes a raffle ticket.  Whatever money is collected split between winner and RBBA funds.

There are rumblings about Ding Quarry going on.. we need to keep our ears open.

Well done Gill & team for raising £1,060 on Mary Townley Loop ride.



Next Meeting


The next meeting is on 17th February 2010 at Chris & Roger’s – 8.00 pm start.




October 2010

posted 18 Nov 2010, 11:08 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association

COMMITTEE MEETING – 21st October 2010


Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Gwen Mann

                                Roger Mee

                                Chris Mee

                                Gill Morrell

                                Janet O’Connor

                                Irene Pope

                                Gill Ridings



Apologies                Joan Snowdon



The minutes of the previous meeting were passed as read.


1.       Matters Arising

·         Lea Holme

Balsam still needs bashing down and the gate has  not yet been moved.  Gwen to give David Brennan a call.                                                                        GM

·         Dunham

Irene contacted Lancashire Council on 20th September and to date has not had a response.  IP to chase.                                                                           IP

Ask members at Monday’s meeting if they agree to the expenditure on this.                GR

Obtain another quote to compare.

2.       Secretary’s Report

More keys are needed.  Gwen to arrange to get some cut.                                                        GM.

3.       Rights of Way Meetings

·         Rochdale  - no issues

·         Bury
Irene attended but only three members of public there.
Some trees had been cut down the day before on the track near the motorway bridges near Minevah
No progress on diversion at chicken farm.
Next meeting is on 9th February 2011 if they are still going.


4.       Community

·         £200 from Ann Metcalfe’s ward funds for a bridleway in Norden.  Proposed new gate at Nabs Wife.  GR to advise Ann Metcalfe.                                                     GR


5.       Next Year’s Calendar


·         Baileys Feeds

·         Pony Club

·         Craig Darcy – Removing a shoe safely

·         Naylors – cheese & wine (November)

·         Fashion Show

·         Ashbrook – Knutsford

·         Towing

·         Chris Peat

·         Quiz Night

·         Map Reading

·         Treasure hunt

Christmas ride – route to be decided.


6.       Website Update

108 visits. 2.8 pages per visit

7.       Any Other Business

Try to drum up some new committee members.
Someone had raised a problem with road surface on Black Pits.  The general feeling was that there wasn’t a problem.
Relaunch buddy scheme.

8.       Next Meeting

The next meeting is Wednesday, 17th November at 8.00 pm at Chris & Roger’s house.








September 2010

posted 22 Oct 2010, 12:19 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association



Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Gwen Mann

                                Roger Mee

                                Chris Mee

                                Gill Morrell

                                Janet O’Connor

                                Gill Ridings

                                Joan Snowdon


Apologies were received from Irene Pope



The minutes of the previous meeting were passed as read.


1.       Matters Arising

Halloween Party for Committee & partners at Chris’s on 30th October at 8.00 pm. 

Table booked at The Waggon at Birtle for 4th December for Christmas meal.

2.       Dunham

Quote received from Rob Naylor for the work on the path at Dunham Farm.  Deferred to the next meeting so we can get more information from Irene.

3.       Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report.

4.       Rights of Way Meetings

Joan advised that the next meeting would be in October.  Nothing to report.

5.       Treasurer’s Report

Gill outlined our current financial position.  £5324 in the bank.

6.       Bury

No report as Irene on holiday.

7.       Lea Holme

Joan advised that there were streamers and a windmill attached to the fence at the back of Lea Holme which may cause some riders a problem.  Also the gate needs re-aligning to allow more room for turning bigger horses around to close it.   Gwen had spoken to David Brennan who has said if its a hazard it can be removed and the gate should be moved within the next two weeks.  There are some Himalayan Balsam weeds behind Lea Holme which also need cutting back.

8.       Greenbooth

The bracken on the narrow path over Greenbooth needs cutting back.  Gill Ridings said she would do this while out walking her dog.

9.       Community Matters

It was decided that rather than trying to tackle the horse poo problem ourselves, if anyone approaches a Committee member about horse poo on the paths then contact details for the livery yards in that area should be given to them.

10.    Tack Auction

Committee members to try to get there as early as possible... 7.00 pm.
BB to get tags and string
Chris will bring a couple of tape measures

Items are sold as seen.

11.    Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is 21st October at 8.00 pm at Chris & Roger’s house.

August 2010

posted 12 Sept 2010, 11:27 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association




Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Roger Mee

                                Chris Mee

                                Gill Morrell

                                Bernard O’Connor

                                Janet O’Connor

                                Irene Pope

                                Joan Snowdon


Apologies were received from Gwen Mann



The minutes of the previous meeting were passed as read.


1.       Matters Arising

Lea Holme – A fence has been erected which makes getting through the gate very awkward.  The council have agreed to change the angle of the gate to make it easier and safer.

Following a discussion about Greenbooth and the gates incident it was agreed not to put any signs on the gates.

Irene said she was still waiting for a quote from Rob Naylor.  Joan agreed to follow up.        JS

The matter of the kissing gate near the bird sanctuary was closed... this is not going to happen.
Panic over.

2.       Rights of Way Meetings

Joan advised that the next meeting would be in October.  Nothing to report.

3.       Secretary’s Report

Barbara to send a letter to Julie Simpson thanking Jerry/Johnny for the work they have carried out at Splash Lane and Meadwcroft Mills                                                                                              BB

4.       Treasurer’s Report

Gill outlined our current financial position.

5.       Bury

No problems in Bury,

6.       Website Report

Gill gave statistics on website hits for the last months.  There were 85 visits, average 3 minutes on site and there were hits from 5 different countries.

7.       Tack Auction

Janet to speak to the landlady at The Pack Horse about holding the tack auction there because the general feeling was that Pete Spence’s place was too remote.

8.       Any Other Business

·         Prison Ride

The prison ride that was cancelled in August will be on 26th September.

·         Buddy Scheme

The buddy scheme needs re-launching and updating.

·         Tiger Traps

The cost of a tiger trap is approximately £200 if Johnny puts it in.  (Can’t remember where).

·         Norden Area Forum

The next area forum is on 22nd September.  It was agreed we should take more of a back seat on this instead of putting ourselves in the firing line. Just go and listen.

·         Christmas at The Waggon

BB to book the Waggon for 11th December.

Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is 9th September at 8.00 pm at Chris & Roger’

July 2010

posted 12 Sept 2010, 11:27 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association   [ updated 12 Sept 2010, 11:31 ]

Minutes not yet written up

June 2010

posted 12 Sept 2010, 11:26 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association   [ updated 12 Sept 2010, 11:31 ]




Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Lynne Cramb (part)

                                Gwen Mann

                                Roger Mee

                                Gill Morrell (Part)

                                Bev O’Connor

                                Janet O’Connor

                                Irene Pope

                                Joan Snowdon


Apologies were received from Chris Mee and Gill Ridings.



The minutes of the previous meeting were passed as read.


1.       Matters Arising

Barbara advised that she had received an email from Ann Metcalfe asking how we were going with evidence for Furbarn Lane.  It was agreed that as this is down to a problem with ramblers the group felt that it doesn’t need changing to bridleway status.  One suggestion would be to put stepping stones down the edge of the puddles.  BB to email Ann Metcalfe.

2.       Secretary’s Report

We had gained two new members at the last meeting.

BB had an article published in the Lancashire BHS magazine if anyone wanted to read it.

3.       Rights of Way Meetings

Nothing to report from Rochdale.

Irene advised that the Bury meetings had been resurrected.  Jean Merchant attended as Irene was on holiday.  Irene had asked for the boggy path in Lowes Park to be looked at, the trees near the motorway bridge to be chopped down and an alternative route around the chicken farm.  The ROW Officer was in favour of this last issue.

The issue about riders being challenged about riding down a path in Buckhurst was raised.  Irene stated that this is not a bridleway, however, everyone does ride it.  It was agreed to advise the people who had the problem that it wasn’t a bridleway but let us know if they have any more problems and Irene will speak with the landowner to see what’s going on.                                                               IP

4.       Lea Holme

Gwen/Joan advised that the route is now passable.  There is an issue with a proposed fence which would make shutting the gate behind Lea Holme very difficult.  Irene Peat has taken up the matter with the council on our behalf.  There is also a problem with visibility at the Edenfield Road gate, this is going  to be raised with James Gaunt to see if the gate can be moved back slightly or left open when not in use.

5.       Greenbooth

Following on from email sent at beginning of June about riders over Greenbooth the problem which had occurred was discussed.  No-one at the meeting actually knew who the offenders were but they had left the gate between Mr Tunnicliffe’s land and the catchment area open.  He witnessed it and reported it to Ann Metcalfe who then got in touch with Gill Ridings.

Everyone present felt that the matter should have been dealt with by the Committee and that as the member had breached at least three rules should really have had their key taken off them.  Even so, everyone felt that they should receive a warning letter.

As no-one had got back to Mr Tunnicliffe it was agreed that we sent a letter of apology to him.           BB

It was also agreed that Barbara should write to all our councillors and Jim Dobbin and ask that if they have any issues regarding horses in the village that they contact the Secretary direct so that the matters can be brought to the committee meeting for discussion.                                                           BB

A suggestion put forward was to put some signs at either end of the concession which states that all gates should be left as they are found, ie. If they are open leave them open and if they are closed the MUST be closed.

6.       Treasurer’s Report

Gill provided a copy of up-to-date accounts.

7.       Any Other Business

·         Norden Forum

Roger said that there is £9,000 to spend from Forum funds.  It was agreed to ask if we could have a contribution for handles on the gates at Lea Holme.

·         Tack Auction

As Pete Spence has said that we could use his ménage for any events in return for the adverts on our website it was suggested that we have the tack auction at the end of September there instead of The Pack Horse.  BB to email Gill

·         Reports

Gill asked if someone would do a report on the recent ride around Cowm and the path clearance near the Golf Links.  BB to write them.

·         Path Clearance

The next path clearance is 7th July at Lowes Park.  Meet at Irene’s (101 Mather Road) at 7.30 pm.

·         Idea for Future Meeting

Irene suggested getting Craig Darcy to come and dissect a hoof and also show us how to safely remove a shoe.  Irene is going to ask if he will do this.

8.       Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is 21st July at 8.00 pm at Chris & Roger’

May 2010

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Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Lynne Cramb

                                Gwen Mann

                                Chris Mee

                                Roger Mee

                                Gill Morrell (Part)

                                Janet O’Connor

                                Irene Pope

                                Gill Ridings

                                Joan Snowdon



The minutes of the previous meeting were passed as read.


1.       Lea Holme

Gwen advised that the wall had been taken down but it was still fenced off at Coal Pit Lane.  All the protest signs have been removed.  JS and GM had been removing rubbish from the track.

2.       Ashworth Concessionary

Gwen advised that they had shoes ready for spraying orange as waymarkers.  Joan advised that she had had problems getting Bobby across the stream since the path had been cleared.  It was agreed to find out how much some fieldguard mats would cost.  GR to check price.                                  GR.

3.       Social Calendar

Janet advised that Bev Berisford could not make Monday’s meeting but has agreed to talk at the June meeting.

4.       Organised Ride

Picnic ride on 20th June.  Meet at top of Woodhouse Lane at 10.30 am.  It was agreed to go around Cowm Resevoir.

5.       Furbarn Lane

Gill raised Furbarn Lane on behalf of Ann Metcalfe.  It was felt this wasn’t an issue as Furbarn Lane is a higher status than bridleway.

6.       Evidence Forms

It was agreed that we should get evidence forms filled in for Bird Sanctuary path and Dexine path but just hold them in case we need them in the future.

7.       Share your Route

Gill R advised of a website called Share Your Route which is good for sharing riding routes.

8.       Path Clearances

We agreed two path clearances – 1st June Broadhalgh next to Taylor Park and 15th June – Meadowcroft Mills (this has since been cancelled as the council has done loads of work down there).

9.       Barbeque

It was agreed we should  hold a summer barbeque if Karen is willing to let us use her ménage again.  GR to check with Karen.                                                                            GR

10.    Carnival

Theme is It’s on TV.  We are hoping to put a walking group in.

11.    Carole Roberts

Irene asked if we could give Carole Roberts a key because of the work she did getting the drains upgraded.  It was agreed to give Carole a free membership, but as we have refused other people keys because they don’t come to meetings it was felt that it would be unfair to give her a key.  BB to send membership card to Carole.                                                                                                                   BB

12.    Golf Links Poster

BB to create a notice to put on the Golf Links path about the improvement work.                      BB

13.    Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is on 23rd June 2010 at Chris & Roger’s house.  Start 8.00 pm.


April 2010

posted 24 May 2010, 14:34 by Rochdale & Bury Bridleways Association



Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Lynne Cramb

                                Gwen Mann

                                Chris Mee

                                Roger Mee

                                Gill Morrell

                                Irene Pope

                                Gill Ridings (Part)


Apologies:             Janet O’Connor



Roger opened the meeting at 8.15 pm and in the absence of Gill took the Chair.


1.       Treasurer’s Report

Outgoings this month £235 to pay Rob Naylor for improving the Golf Link path.

Irene asked if the £1000 which Paul France donated for the Drains could be used to improve Scotland Lane near Dunham’s Farm.  This was agreed as it was meant for that area.  Gwen to arrange for Rob Naylor to meet with Irene.                                                                                                                      GM

We have approximately £5000 in the bank but interest is considerably lower this year because of the interest rate.

2.       Secretary’s Report

BB to let Gwen have a list of people who haven’t renewed but who have keys to the concessionary.   BB

BB to contact S Smith regarding his query about qualifying for a concessionary key.                            BB

Membership is running at about 60 members.

3.       Ashworth Concessionary

Work is needed on the stream crossing.  Nigel Morrell has volunteered to clear a pathway to the stream.  GM/JS to arrange to meet with Nigel                                                                               GM/JS

A route walk arranged for 3rd May at 11.00 am which should take approximately 1 hour.

4.       ROW Report

Gwen had attended the Rochdale Rights of Way meeting in April and gave a brief summary from the meeting.

Lea Holme.  A bit of the wall has been removed.  GM and JS have ridden but couldn’t get through as gate locked.  There is still a sign up saying No Horses.  At Edenfield Road end trees have been lopped.  We agreed that we should pay for a proper horse gate.  Mr Leach has been given 1 month to open the bridleway.

Cars have been parked on the lane down to Nabs Wife on Birtle side near the barrier.

We should have questions ready and put in to the council in advance of the ROW meeting so that a response can be given on the night.  Next meeting is 19th July.                                    All

IP advised that Bury no longer have a ROW forum but David Chadwick is the ROW officer.

5.       Website

Gill gave out statistics of usage of the website.

122 visits between March 22nd and April 21st.
560 pages viewed
5 minutes average visit.
57 different visitors
35 hits on boxing day video.

We owe Clive £17.36 – everyone agreed we should pay this.

Everyone agreed that Gill has done a great job on the website.

Following a discussion it was agreed that anything that could be considered contentious needs to be agreed before being published on the website.

It was agreed that the concessionary routes should be published on the website.

6.       Any Other Business

·         Nigel Morrell is now Norden Forum Chairman.  We can put in a bid for ward funding.

·         We agreed to do a letter of support to put in a tiger trap/kissing gate on the path down the side of the bird sanctuary in an effort to stop bikers getting down there.        BB

·         There has been a major push about trials bikes.  5 bikes have been crushed as well as a 4x4 quad bike.  A letter of support to PCSOs.                                  BB

·         Riding & Road Safety

First lesson is on Thursday 6th May at Gill’s.

·         Social Calendar

Janet needed contact details for the Horsewatch person.                  GR to provide to JOC

·         GM raised concern about the standard of raffle prizes and felt that they should be better.  We agreed that every other meeting will have a raffle prize of £20.

7.       Next Meeting

The next meeting is 19th May at Chris & Roger’s house at 8.00 pm.


The meeting closed at 10.30 pm.

February 2010

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Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Chris Mee

                                Roger Mee

                                Gill Morrell

                                Janet O’Connor

                                Irene Pope

                                Gill Ridings


Apologies:                Gwen Mann


Janet advised that Bev was no longer going to come to committee meetings, however, she is willing to help out wherever she can.

1.       Website

Gill M has been developing a new website, so that we can control it and get it updated quickly.  She needs to contact Clive to get the RBBA.ORG.UK name moved over.  Everyone agreed that this was the waty we should go.                                                                                                                     GM

2.       Boxing Day Ride

The ride which was canned on Boxing Day will now take place on Easter Sunday.  Meeting at Terminus, pickup along the way.  Same route.  BB to send out details in next newsletter.  Bibs to be worn.

3.       Objectives for 2010

There is a problem with SMA on Blackpits Road which has recently been put down. 

BB to get map references from Julie Simpson and prepare evidence forms for completion at the next meeting for the path behind the Redrow development and also the path down the side of the now closed bird sanctuary in view of the uncertainty of what will happen there.

Irene reported that there was a problem over Fletcher Bank Quarry and is going to find out more details of path status etc.

The gate needs sorting out over Ashworth Res so we can get that route opened as early as possible this year.                                                                                                                       GMann

Gwen to follow up quote for Golf Links path with Rob Naylor                                    GMann

4.       Horse Poo in Village

We need a PR initiative to move poo in the village after this was raised at the Norden Forum meeting.  Signs to be taken around livery yards.

5.       Riding & Road Safety

Gill has 4 names for this.

6.       Sign on Woodtop

It was agreed that we need to have a sign at the other end of Woodtop and also maybe another one mid-way along.  Gill R to contact Joan to see if we can use the other wooden sign that we have.

7.       Next Meeting

The next meeting is on 18th March at Chris & Roger’s house at 8.00 pm.




January 2010

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Present:                 Barbara Brown

                                Lynne Cramb (Part)

                                Gwen Mann

                                Chris Mee

                                Roger Mee

                                Gill Morrell

                                Janet O’Connor

                                Gill Ridings


Apologies:                Irene Pope

                                Bev O’Connor


1.       Social Calendar

Janet gave details of this year’s planned social events, she also requested contact details for some of the people who she hadn’t managed to contact.  Details as follows:-

January        AGM
February        Julie Rolls (Animal Communicator)
March        Penny Ridley (Riding & Road Safety)
April        Peter Duggan (Saddler)
May                        Bev Beresford (Show Judge) – G Ridings to let Janet have phone number.        GR
June        Horsewatch – Gill Ridings to let Janet have phone number.                         GR
July         Chris Peat (Pennine Bridleway) – Gwen to confirm with Chris                              GM
August        Quiz Night – Gwen to prepare                                                             GM
Sept        Tack Auction (silent)
October        Tony Dampier
November        Shopping Night at Naylors
December        Waggon at Birtle – 11th December 2010

In addition to the above it was suggested that we organise a trip to Happa and have a summer BBQ if Karen Whittle will let us have it there again.

2.       AGM

The following points are to be raised at the AGM.

a.       All subs should be paid by end February.  Anyone who hasn’t paid by then to be contacted to return their concessionary key.

b.       Family membership to be increased to £15 next year.

c.        It is a condition of membership that all members have third party insurance.  BHS Gold Membership includes this.

d.       As no nominations for additional committee members had been received the current committee will continue for 2010.

3.       50/50 Draw

The next 50/50 draw will take place in April.  Anyone who had already paid will be carried forward.


4.       River Crossing

Gill M advised that Nigel would chop down the tree blocking the river crossing for the price of a new chain on his chain saw.  Everyone agreed.  Roger will help.

5.       Charity for 2010

Suggestions for who we should raise some funds for this year were Happa, Mark Davies Injured Riders, Air Ambulance.  Not sure if a decision was made on this but I think Happa was favourite.

6.       Township Funds

GR advised that Ann Metcalfe was donating £250 from her township funds for us to use to improve a bridleway.  It was agreed to get Robert Naylor to look at the path next to the Golf Club where its very muddy under the trees.  Gwen to speak to Robert to get a price for the work.               GM

7.       Lea Holme

There was no update at the time of the meeting, however, we had good news a couple of days later.

8.       New Initiatives

Ideas put forward for this year were

a.       Riding & Road Safety Test.  We agreed to subsidise under 18’s in full time education by paying for their exam.

b.       GR asked if there were any clinics we could host?

c.        Le Trec

d.       Stand at Rochdale Show which was very successful last year.

9.       Website

It was agreed that Gill M and Irene pursue their contacts regarding updating and future development of the website in view of the situation we just had when it wasn’t available and also the timeframe to get up-to-date information on it.  Gill to speak to Irene.                                                                      GM/IP

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