1.     TITLE

Rochdale, Bury Bridleways Association shall be referred to as “The Association” in this document.


The Association can be contacted at the address of The Chairman, The Secretary or The Treasurer.



3.1   The aim of The Association is to promote the bridleways network in the area between Bury, Rochdale and Rossendale by ensuring that existing bridleways remain open and ride-able and by seeking the creation of further bridleways.  This is to minimise the need for horse riders to use the main roads for riding and thus to reduce the risk of and occurrence of accidents involving vehicles and horses.

3.2   The Association seeks to promote good working relationships with the Rights of Way Officers of the Bury, Rochdale and Rossendale Councils.

3.3   The Association shall be available to advise horse riders on how to tackle problems with Rights of Way in their area.

3.4   The Association, by means of organised rides, shall make known to horse riders the presence of off-road riding facilities in the area.



4.1   Membership of The Association is open to everyone, whether or not they ride or own a horse.

4.2   Membership cards shall be issued upon acceptance of membership fees.

4.3   Annual membership fees shall be determined by The Committee each year.  Membership fees shall be due on 1st January and shall run for 12 months.  Any person joining The Association in October or later shall hold membership for the next 15 months at no extra cost.

4.4   Membership may be Full (individual) or Family (family members must live in the same household).

4.5   Any Member who, at the request of The Association, performs any work or services that incur expenses shall be entitled to remuneration or reimbursement.


5.1          Fully paid up members shall receive a key so they may gain access to the concessionary routes that have been arranged by The Association.

5.2          Members will be required to sign a document outlining the rules for using the concessionary routes.

5.3          Members may not use the concessionary routes for gain or reward.

5.4          The concessionary routes are for members of The Association only.

5.5          Members are not to ride the concessionary route in groups of more than six at a time.

5.6        Members ride the concessionary routes at their own risk and must ensure that they have adequate third party insurance cover BEFORE riding the routes.

5.7          Members, by signing the document outlining the rules for concessionary routes indemnify The Association, the Landowners and the Tenants against any claims arising from use or mis-use of the routes.

5.8          Keys must not be loaned to non-members.

5.9          All gates must be left as they are found, locked or unlocked and riders must ensure that the United Utility locks can be used separately to open the gate.

5.10     Members must conduct themselves in a responsible manner and no be a nuisance to the landowner.  All “No Cantering” signs must be observed.

5.11     Stock must not be disturbed.

5.12     Galloping on any concessionary route is forbidden.

5.13     Any member found contravening these rules will forfeit their rights to membership of The Association.

5.14     Locks will be changed annually by The Association and new keys will not be issued until that year’s membership is paid.


6.1          The Committee shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

6.2          The Committee shall comprise The Chairman, The Secretary, The Treasurer, The Press Officer, The Bury and Rochdale Liaison Officers and any other member who feels he/she has something to offer The Association.

6.3          Committee members shall be indemnified by The Association against financial risk arising from the execution of their office and shall be entitled to be reimbursed for all expenses reasonably incurred.


7.1   The Association shall annually affiliate to the BHS and in so doing shall gain Public Liability Insurance for its members whilst engaged in activities associated with The Association, whether they be fund raising activities or rights of way improvement work.

7.2   The Association strongly advises members to acquire Third Party Insurance for their equestrian activities.  Such insurance is a requirement for the use of the concessionary routes.

7.3   The Association and its Officers shall not be liable for any accident, injury, illness or damage to horses, owners, riders, or any other person whilst engaged in activities organised by The Association.



8.1   The Committee shall meet monthly at a pre-arranged meeting place and any members who wish to attend can do so.

8.2   An Annual General Meeting will be held in which Officers and Committee members shall be elected and at which The Treasurer’s Report will be available. At this meeting, keys for the concessionary routes will be issued for the next twelve months.