Code of Conduct

It is the Bridleways Group priority to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for us to ride our horses. To ensure support for our aims from the general public it is really important that we portray ourselves as responsible and trustworthy.

We must lead by example and be very careful not to antagonize other users of our bridleways and tracks, unfortunately in all areas of life we will come across the few which spoil things for the many.

I am sure most of the list below is common sense but please take time to review the pointers as a reminder.

1. Please be courteous to all other users ensuring that you thank anyone who takes action. (If we make the effort to thank or smile at someone they are more likely to slow down next time they meet a horse and rider.) Acknowledgement of there presence with a simple nod or smile is often appreciated.

2. Avoid riding routes which are prone to damage when wet. If you have to ride them please pick the driest and hardest part of the path which will avoid surface damage.

3. Slow to a walk or stop when you meet other users to be considerate to other users.

4. Wear high visibility clothing,eg. The RBBA member’s vest.

5. Avoid riding on grass verges especially when ground is wet.

6. Travel at a safe speed taking regards of conditions and visibility.

7. Leave gates and property as you find them.

8. Follow the highway and countryside codes at all times.

9. Avoid talking on mobile phones whilst riding as you cannot be in control of your horse at the same time.

We all want to enjoy our pastime but it is always upsetting if we have to deal with hostility and ignorance. If we follow the simple pointers above, we not only improve the local community’s image of riders in general but also RBBA as a responsible group in our local area. You never know we may start to change negative perceptions.